15 Best Water Heaters in India 2020

If you’re looking to buy the best water heaters in India to beat the cold this winter, you’re within the right place.
In this post, I’m reaching to list down the best Geysers, Water heaters in India.
In the winter season, it’s incredibly challenging to take those morning showers with the cold water.
Also, we feel sluggish to require a shower when the water is cold. Just install a Geyser or a hot-water heater in your home and luxuriate in your bath.

Things you should consider when buying a Top Water Geyser in India

  • An ideal Geyser or hot-water heater should provide us hot water within a couple of minutes. At a similar time, it should be very safe and not consume much electricity.
  • The size of the family proposing to use the geyser is essential.
  • There are other factors involved too. We shall discuss these factors before you choose your best instant water heater in India.

I am listing the List of Top Geysers supported Technical specifications, Capacity, Power consumption, Design and Compactness of the water heater, Quality of the components, Price, Warranty, User Reviews, and Value for money.

I am listing the List of Top Geysers supported Technical specifications, Capacity, Power consumption, Design and Compactness of the water heater, Quality of the components, Price, Warranty, User Reviews and Value for money.


Best 25-Litre Geyser

1. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Vertical Storage Heater

Bajaj is a reputed name in India that guarantees high-quality products. This 25L hot-water heater is one such appliance. The Bajaj New Shakti geyser comes in 10L and 15L storage capacities, as well.

  1. Glass-lined inner tank
  2. Multiple safety systems
  3. Highly efficient Incoloy heating element
  4. Power-saving features



As this geyser can withstand pressure up to 8 bars, it’s a perfect one for people residing in high rise apartments. This water heater may be a compact appliance but doesn’t compromise on its storage capacity of 25 liters.

The glass-lined coated inner tank is corrosion-free while the plastic body makes it a light-weight appliance. This geyser comes with PUF insulation to make sure that the water remains hot for a sufficiently long period.

From the protection angle, this appliance may be a good one because it comes with multiple safety systems like protection against overheating, dry heating, and even excess pressure. The cables are fire-retardant.

This geyser is a 4-star rated appliance that consumes 2000 watts of electricity.

  1. Corrosion-free
  2. Saves power
  3. Capable of handling high pressure
  1. Accessories necessary for installation not provided with the product

2. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25-Litre Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith is one in all the top-rate manufacturers of water heaters and geysers within the world. This heater may be a storage type appliance that’s available in two storage capacities, 15L and 25L.

  1. Capacity – 25L
  2. Blue Diamond Glass Lined Inner Tank
  3. Glass Coated Heating Element
  4. Double Protection
  5. BEE 5-Star Rating

water heates in india


The X-025 features a Blue Diamond coated glass lined inner tank that stops corrosion while remaining durable. It ensures that there’s a minimum dissipation of heat, as well. The outer body of the container is formed of metal.
The component of a heater may be a critical part of the appliance. This heater comes with a glass-coated component that prevents scale formation, thereby extending the lifetime of the element.
On the protection front, this geyser is one of the simplest within the business because it provides double protection with a thermal cut-out feature and, therefore, the presence of a multi-function valve.
Advanced PUF technology ensures that this geyser saves power, whereby it’s gained the BEE 5-Star rating. Hence, it’s an environmentally friendly device.

  1. Energy-saving water heater
  2. Handle pressure up to 8 bars
  3. Double protection
  4. Corrosion-resistant
  1. The product does not come with pipes and other accessories
  2. A bit bulky

Best 15-Litre Geyser

3. AO Smith HSE-SES-15 15L 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

In spite of being a US-based company, AO Smith understands the Indian requirements. Thus, you have got a number of the best water heaters from AO Smith working perfectly in Indian conditions. This 15-litre geyser is one of them.

  1. Blue diamond glass-lined tank
  2. Capable of handling 8-bars pressure
  3. Compatible with hard water
  4. Energy-saving features


This geyser features a Blue diamond glass-lined inner tank to stop corrosion. Setting the temperatures is convenient due to the digital panel.
The remote unit allows the user to line a temperature range from 25 to 75 degrees C.
The glass-coated heating element prevents the build-up of scales and sediments. Hence, it works perfectly well in places having water.
The safety valve helps to release gas pressure and discharge water to stop unnecessary accidents. This water heater can manage weight up to eight bars. Hence, it’s perfect to use in high rise apartments.

  1. Energy saving
  2. Maintains heat for a long time
  3. Ideal for use with hot water
  1. The product doesn’t associate with accessories like pipes and other plumbing fittings

4. Bajaj New Shakti GL 15 Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater

Trust Bajaj to introduce a number of the safest water heaters in India. This 15L heater is a superb appliance to possess at home.

  1. Glass-line coated inner tank
  2. Efficient and long-lasting Incoloy heating element
  3. Excellent safety systems
  4. Capable of handling high pressure



Safety and performance are two areas that Bajaj water heaters excel in. This 15L geyser can handle water pressure up to eight bars, enough for people living in high rise apartments.
The glass-lined inner coating on the tank protects from corrosion. The Incoloy water component prevents the formation of scales and deposits of sediments.
This geyser features high-quality safety elements like a 4-in-1 multifunctional relief valve to release pressure and water.
The fire retardant cable is another excellent feature. These features guard the appliance against overheating, dry heating, and enable it to resist high.

    1. Power consumption of 2000 watts
    2. Highly energy efficient
    3. Corrosion-free
    4. High-quality safety features
  1. Does not come with accessories necessary for installation
  2. Installation costs are charged separately

5. Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15L Storage Water Heater

Crompton Greaves is another reputed Indian manufacturer committed to producing quality goods. This 15-liter storage water heater is one in all the most effective 15L water heaters in India.

  1. Copper heating element
  2. Polymer coated tank to prevent corrosion
  3. Magnesium anode
  4. Handle high pressure
  5. Excellent safety features

15l water heater in india


This Crompton product may be a 5-star rated appliance capable of conserving energy while delivering high-quality performance. This geyser adopts Nano Poly Bond Technology to confirm superior performance and long life.
The Heavy Duty Magnesium anode features a chrome steel core designed to shield the inner tank from corrosion.
This heater comes equipped with an active component made from polymer and copper to offer excellent performance and be free from corrosion, as well.
The single weld tank minimizes the chances of leakage. This tank comes with a security valve to handle high and overheating.
The heater can withstand water pressure up to eight bars, thereby making it a perfect appliance for consumers living in high rise apartments. The 15-liter capacity should be a perfect one for Indian families.

    1. Corrosion-resistant qualities
    2. Superior performance
    3. Good safety features
    4. Energy-saving appliance
  1. After-sales service is not up to the mark

6. V-Guard water heater Victo 15-liters

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V-Guard is one among the most recent entrants to the present field of producing water heaters. However, they have a number of the best 15-liter water heaters on display.

  1. Long-lasting product
  2. 5-star rated water heater
  3. High-quality steel body with anti-corrosive powder coating
  4. Four layered safety system

V-Guard water heater Victo 15-litres


V-Guard water heaters are one among the best locally-manufactures geysers that associate with all the features that top-rated products have. This geyser features a strong stainless-steel body with generous anti-corrosive powder coating that creates it a long-lasting appliance. The singles welded tank ensures there’s no leakage. The glass-lined inner lining prevents corrosion of the tank from inside, as well.
This water heater comes with a 4-layered security system comprising of thermal cut-off, a thermostat, and multi-functional valve, and a sacrificial anode. Thus, it takes care of all problems like overheating, dry heating, high, and corrosion.
This energy-efficient appliance uses PUF insulation to stop any heat loss.
The best aspect of this geyser is that the merchandise comes with all accessories necessary for its installation

    1. Accessories for installation supplied with the product
    2. Superior performance
    3. Energy efficient
  1. Takes a long time to heat water in cold conditions

Best 10-Litre water heaters

7. Morphy Richards Lavo EM 10-litre Vertical Storage Water Heater


Morphy Richards manufactures geysers of various capacities starting from six litres to 25 litres. This 10-litre hot-water heater is one among the best water heaters in its segment thanks to its exquisite features.

  1. 5-star rated appliance
  2. Capable of handling water pressure up to 8 bars
  3. Glass-lined inner coating
  4. Climate control settings

Morphy Richards Lavo EM 10-litre Vertical Storage Water Heater


Morphy Richards manufactures geysers of various capacities starting from six liters to 25 liters. This 10-liter hot-water heater is one of the most straightforward water heaters. This Morphy Richards hot-water heater is a superb performer while improving the ambiance of your bathroom at an equivalent time. It features a glass-line inner lining for the water tank to stop corrosion. This geyser comes with long-lasting heating elements.

The magnesium anode not only prevents corrosion but also ensures to take care of the pH levels of water. Therefore, it prevents the formation of scales and sediments.

The highlight of this hot-water heater is that the climate control setting feature. The pre-set temperature feature enables quick heating of water in a cold climate. The display indicates the temperature of the water beginning of the geyser.

This geyser can withstand water pressure up to eight bars, thereby making it the perfect one to possess in our cities.

The 5-star BEE rating ensures that it’s a power-saving device in some ways. The PUF insulation provides minimum loss of warmth, thereby reducing electricity consumption costs. Water heaters in its segment due to its exquisite features.

    1. Excellent appearance complemented by quality performance
    2. Long-lasting heating element
    3. Corrosion-free
  1. After-sales service quality is not up to the mark

8. Havells Monza EC 10 10L Storage Water Heater


Havells is one among the best storage water heaters available in India. a number of its features are capable that of those provided by reputed geyser manufacturers within the world.

  1. Safety features like ELCB
  2. Feroglas technology
  3. Incoloy heating element
  4. PUF insulation
  5. Handle water at high pressure

Havells Monza EC 10 10L Storage Water Heater


This hot-water heater features Feroglas technology, where the inner portion of the tank gets a glass-lined coating to stop corrosion.

The heavy-duty anode balances the pH levels of water and prevents the buildup of sediments or scales on the Incoloy heating element.

This geyser can handle water pressure up to eight bars, thereby proving ideal to use in Indian conditions. The adjustable knobs assist you in lining the perfect temperature settings to make sure optimum results.

The PUF insulation prevents loss of warmth, thereby enhancing its efficiency by consuming less power.

The Havells hot-water heater comes with safety features like Earth Leakage breaker (ELCB) to guard against short circuits.

    1. Energy-efficient appliance
    2. Superb safety features
    3. High level of performance
    4. No corrosion
  1. The temperature control indicator is difficult to determine because it is also white. Distinct coloring would have been better.

9. AO Smith HSE-SAS-010 10L 2000W Vertical Water Heater


AO Smith manufactures a number of the most beautifully designed water heaters in India. Besides the wonderful design, these water heaters deliver exemplary performances.

  1. Ideal temperature range
  2. Blue diamond glass lined interiors
  3. Protection against hard water
  4. Capable of handling water pressure up to 8 bars
  5. Energy efficient



AO Smith has some excellent geyser models within the 10L, 15L, and 25L capacity. Each of those geyser models comes with unique features like a Blue diamond glass-lined interior tank to stop corrosion.

This water heater works on advanced technology, whereby it’s compatible with water.

Controlling the temperature of the water is convenient because it comes with user-friendly control features.

This energy-efficient hot-water heater can handle water pressure up to eight bars comfortably. It’s a perfect water heater for Indian conditions because it van handle water efficiently.

This hot-water heater comes with adequate safety measures to rank together of the most straightforward 10L water heaters in India. The thermal cut-off feature ensures the highest safety for users.

    1. Superior performance because of advanced technology
    2. Prevents scaling and formation of sediments, thereby increasing the life span
    3. Corrosion-free properties
    4. High-quality safety features like a safety valve
  1. Installation is an expensive affair, as the product does not supply accessories necessary for installing the appliance.

Best 6-Litre Water Heaters

10. AO Smith HSE-SGS-006 Storage 6L Vertical Water Heater


AO Smith 6L hot-water heater comes with exciting features like express heat system to deliver 33% faster heating. This feature makes it one among the foremost asked for water heaters by small Indian families.

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  1. 5-star BEE rating makes it an energy-efficient device
  2. Blue diamond glass lining prevents corrosion
  3. Glass coated heating element
  4. Long-lasting anode rod
  5. Express heating system

AO Smith HSE-SGS-006 Storage 6L Vertical Water Heater


This 6L water heater is right for little Indian families. The fact that it can withstand water pressure up to eight bars makes it an ideal choice to be used in high rise buildings.

This geyser can handle water with ease due to the long-lasting anode, which will perform better than the magnesium anodes found in other water heaters.

The inner lining of the tank includes a Blue diamond glass lined coating to stop corrosion. The glass heating element is of high-quality. As usual, this hot-water heater comes with an Express heating plant that will deliver hot water quickly by saving up to 33% time.

The AO Smith geysers associate with excellent safety features like safety valves and thermal cut-off features. The outer body is formed of ABS, thereby increasing the durability quotient.

    1. Corrosion-free performance
    2. High-quality anode rod that is compatible for use with hard water
    3. Energy-efficient appliance
    4. Excellent safety features
  1. Installation costs you have to pay.

Best Instant Water Heaters

11. Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


The instant heaters are successful with Indian families because it provides them with hot water within no time. Bajaj Flora Series is one among the most effective instant water heaters available on the market.

  1. Good safety features
  2. Capable of handling water pressure up to 8 bars
  3. Thermoplastic outer body for long-lasting performance
  4. Easy to operate

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


Bajaj Flora 3L water heaters are the best for getting instant hot water. It’s the best geyser to attach to the shower. Besides the superb performance of the geyser, it’s a beautiful appliance to adorn your bathroom ambiance.

The thermoplastic body ensures there’s no formation of rust and thereby makes the appliance corrosion-free.

This hot-water heater comes with a high-quality component to deliver instant hot water. It’s capable of handling water pressure up to eight bars. Therefore, it’s suited well for Indian conditions.

The component doesn’t encourage the forming of scales or depositing of sediments. Therefore, it’s best to be used with water, as well.

The neon indicator alerts you when the water has heated sufficiently to be used; the hearth retardant cable is an excellent feature.

    1. Best for instant heating purposes
    2. Handle pressure up to 8 bars
    3. Corrosion-free
  1. Cannot store much water for large families.
  2. Consumes more power than storage heaters.

12. Crompton Greaves Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


Crompton Greaves products accompany excellent safety features like a multi-functional valve and a complicated 4-level protection. it’s one among the best instant water heaters in India today.

  • Rust-free ABS body
  • Capable of handling pressure up to 6.5 bars
  • Advanced 4 level safety features
  • Copper heating element for excellent performance

Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater (White)


This 3L hot-water heater is one of the handy appliances to possess because it can deliver hot water almost instantly. The ABS material makes it a rust-proof device.

The sleek design ensures not to occupy much space within the bathroom while looking elegant at an equivalent time. Also, the powerful copper component provides the very best quality of heating without the formation of scales.

This heater has LED indicators to warn you when the water is hot enough for you to modify it off.

This water heater can handle water pressure up to 6.5 bars, ideal enough for Indian conditions. The 3L capacity ensures an endless supply of water, in short, the only welded steel tank eliminates any quite leakage.

This geyser comes with a 4-level defense like a thermostat, restart knob, thermal cut-off, and safety valves for releasing pressure.

    1. Easy to use
    2. Excellent performance
    3. Highly safe appliance
    4. Anti-siphon protection to prevent the backward flow of water
  1. Package does not comprise of necessary items for installation.

13. Racold Pronto Neo 3-litres 3KW Instant Water heater


Racold may be a reputed local manufacturer of water heaters in India. the best advantage of Racold geysers is that they’re ideally suited to Indian conditions.

  1. Quick heating because of a high-power heating element
  2. Manufactured in India with inspiration from Italian designs
  3. Auto Cut-off
  4. Safety measures


Racold manufactures a range of water heaters with capacities starting from one liter to 6 liters. This 3L instant water heater may be a favorite with many families due to its excellent features.

This water heater can handle pressure up to 6.5 bars, thereby making it a perfect one to use in high rise buildings.

This water heater features a high-power component to make sure quicker heating. The Pronto Neo comes with high-quality safety features sort of a thermostat and thermal cut-offs. It ensures automatic temperature control, thereby providing additional safety.

Summarize the Anti-siphon system ensures there’s no backflow of water. It protects from dry heating. This geyser comes with PUF insulation’s, thereby eliminating the dissipation of electrical current.

Therefore, it proves to be a fantastic energy-saving appliance.

    1. 5-star BEE rating
    2. Instant water heating facility
    3. High-power heating element
    4. Excellent design
  1. No storage capacity
  2. Indicators need improvement in design

14. Crompton IWH03PC1 – 3KW Solarium DLX 3L Instant water heater


Crompton Solarium DLX is one among the best Instant water heater for Indian families due to its capabilities to resist water .

  1. Steel tank water heater with Nano Polymer coating
  2. ABS Plastic body
  3. Copper heating element
  4. Safety features

Crompton IWH03PC1 – 3KW Solarium DLX 3L Instant water heater


Crompton Greaves features a reputation for manufacturing excellent consumer appliances, of which this water heater should rank among the simplest. It comes with an ABS plastic body and a stainless-steel tank to boost the warmth conservation process.

The copper component doesn’t wear off during instant power cuts or voltage variation. This heater tank includes a rust-free coating to enhance its lifespan.

The safety features of this Crompton geyser make it a perfect appliance to possess in your bathrooms. A thermal cut-off feature ensures to modify off the heating when the water temperature reaches the set level.

Thermal indicators equipped with LED lights inform you when the water prepares for a shower. The multi-functional valve helps to release the pressure.

    1. Excellent safety features
    2. Superb heating performance
    3. Long-lasting appliance
  1. Consumes 3000 watts

15. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser with Flexi Pipe


Havells Instanio may be a user-friendly geyser because it comes with LED indicators that change color from blue to amber to point the temperature of the water. Other exciting features make Havells Instanio one among the best instant water heaters in India.

  1. Rust and shock-proof body
  2. Stainless steel inner tank
  3. Capable of handling up to 6.5 bars pressure
  4. Fantastic safety features

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser with Flexi Pipe


Havells Instanio features a robust outer body made from rust-proof ABS plastic. It also ensures to shield you from electric shocks. The inner tank is formed of stainless-steel of 304 grade. This tank can conserve warmth and save power.

This water heater can handle water pressure up to six .5 bars. Hence, it’s a favorite of consumers living within the cities. The copper component ensures to heat the water quickly, thereby living up to its name as a moment water heating solution.

This water heaters in India comes with an LED indicator to point whether the water has become hot enough to use. It comes with excellent safety features like fire retardant cord.

The best aspect of this geyser is that it comes with a pair of Flexi pipes, thereby reducing your installation expenses.

    1. A high-quality copper heating element
    2. LED indicators
    3. Rust-proof body
    4. Powerful performance
  1. Consumes 3000 watts
  2. Cannot store hot water

Water Heater/Geyser Buying Guide

Water Heaters/Geysers are two types

  1. Instant Geyser
  2. Geyser with a Storage Tank

Instant Geyser occupies less wall-mounting space compared with the Geyser that comes with a storage tank.

In a moment, Geyser, you’ll instantly get the warmer water as soon as you turn on the Appliance. Whereas, during a Storage Geyser, you have got to attend up to five minutes to get the hot water.

An Instant Geyser can provide a maximum of six liters of hot water, and you’ve got to attend if you would like more water. If the water heater comes with a tank, the fresh water is going to store in it, and you’ll get a continuous hot water supply for your whole family.

Instant Geyser is suitable for a small family, bachelors who use one or two buckets of water for bathing. Storage Geyser/Water heater is acceptable for a medium and massive family or persons who wish to enjoy the showers. You may check our Disclaimer.

  • If you would like more hot water, otherwise you are someone who wants to enjoy long baths with showers, choose a Geyser that comes with a tank.
    A 10-15 tank is required for a Medium-Large family of 4-6 Members.
    Instant water heater with 3-litre storage capacity is suitable for a small family of two members.
    Read our in-depth guide about water heater sizing to search out the proper one that suits you.
Size of FamilyManner of intended useGeyser TypeIdeal Geyser capacity
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketInstant6 liters
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketStorage10 to 15 litres
2 to 3 membersBathing – ShowerStorage15 to 25 litres
2 to 3 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres
4 to 8 membersBathing – bucketStorage25 litres
4 to 8 membersBathing – ShowerStorage25 litres
4 to 8 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres

Factors defining consumption of electricity

The wattage mentioned on the water heater is simply a sign of the number of electrical power that the geyser might consume. allow us to inspect the most defining factors.

The volume of hot water you use is the principal driving factor of electricity consumption. The electricity consumption is directly proportional to the volume of water you use.

Colder water will take a longer time to reach the thermostat temperature. Hence, a water heater will consume more electricity in Delhi as compared to Chennai. This is because of the marked difference in the temperature of input water.

Usually, all geysers have a standard 60C as the thermostat temperature. You have water heaters that have external controls to change this setting.

There is a misconception that water heaters don’t lose heat. In fact, they do. this is often called standing loss, the warmth lost through the water surface. BEE features a different definition of standing loss.

According to BEE, standing loss is that the energy consumed by a water-filled geyser connected to an electrical supply without anyone drawing the water. a lot depends on the standard of materials used in the manufacture of the hot-water heater .

Hot water requirement

  • Normal bathing using buckets – 15 litres / person
  • Shower bath – 25 litres / person
  • Bath tub – 35 litres / person
  • Washing clothes – 10 litres / person
  • Washing utensils – 5 litres / meal

The quantity of water depends on the amount of people within the house using the geyser.

Bathing temperature

This temperature is different from the thermostat value. the perfect bathing temperature is within the range of 35C to 37C. The thermostat temperature is around 60C. This entails that you have to be compelled to add cold water to the geyser water before taking a shower .

Calculation of Electrical units consumed by water heater

This is what you’ve got been eagerly awaiting. You follow this easy formula from your physics text book.
Units consumed = Volume of water X Temperature difference X 0.0012

Hence, if your family uses 100 litres of water at 40C with input water temperature being 20C, you’ll use 100 X 20 X 0.012 = 2.4 units per day.

Is this a universal calculation?

The answer is NO. We have taken an ideal solution.

The other factors that determine power consumption are standing loss, the geyser size, and the way you use it. What does this imply?
Bigger heaters have a better standing loss due to the larger area . As a thumb rule, a 100 litres geyser will have a standing loss of quite 1unit per day whereas a 70 litres geyser will have a figure of around 0.9 units / day.

One way to beat this problem is to modify on the geyser just before using it and switching it off immediately after you finish your bath. You save electricity during this manner.

Effect of wattage on water heaters:

The wattage of the geyser features a direct relation with the time taken for heating the water. A 4.5 KW heater will heat the water faster than a 2 KW heater. It can reduce wastage of hot water. However, it does increase the general load of the house, thereby increasing the charged component of the electricity bill.

Some Points To have to Note down

geyser for india

1. If you’re living during a place with a colder climate, the water heater will need to work more, and additional power is going to be utilized. A water heater in Cold North Indian state will consume more electricity than a Geyser in Andhra Pradesh.

2. The More Amount of hot water you employ, the more are going to be your electricity bill. The Thermostat temperature of most of the Geysers or Water Heaters is going to be around 60 Degrees Celsius.

Better water Heaters in India will lose some heat, and this is often called a standing loss. Always choose a Branded water purifier that has high-quality components.

3. Water Heaters wastes electricity when fresh hot water is left within the tank. Always turn on the hot-water tank before use and switch it off immediately after.

4. Most of the Geysers have a thermostat setting of 60 degrees Celsius, which suggests the water is often heated to 60 degrees Celsius.

5. Please note that the water having such heat is extremely dangerous to human skin and may cause severe first-degree burns. So, confirm you combine the freshwater with some cold water and lower down the temperature.

Geyser For Hard Water

If your water source contains more salts (Hard Water), you’ve got to shop for a Geyser that comes with a corrosion-resistant tank. you’ll also install a water softener that converts the water into the water, so there’ll be no damage to the heating element.
The ideal temperature for bathing is about two degrees, quite the average body temperature, which is 37 degrees Celsius.
If you’ve got any queries regarding the choice of Best Geyser water heater in India, Post them within the comments section below, and I’ll answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve tried to answer a number of the most commonly asked questions by hot-water heater buyers:

1. How to know that the hot-water heater needs to replace?
Age is that the central aspect of making a decision or plan about the replacement, and there could be specific symptoms like just one hot shower or noisy operation also as calcium deposits. The simplest thing is to exchange the hot-water heater every ten years or maybe only in case of any leaks. The water heaters are usually very essential and don’t cause any issue.

2. How to know the right capacity of hot-water heater required?
The perfect capacity of a hot-water heater is decided by the subsequent images that provide a clear idea about the power of the hot-water heater required. You’ll calculate and choose accordingly. The entire refers to the whole number of persons.
Source: pseG.com

3. What’s the value of installation?
The brand usually covers the cost for installation, but you would like to get the fittings, which could cost you around Rs 1000/- but just in case the power isn’t included, it’d cost around Rs 1500/- for a moment heater and gas heaters have separate requirements.

4. How long does the heater last?
The lifetime of the hot-water heater totally depends on the standard of water and also the condition of the hot-water heater. The typical hot-water heater lasts for about 10-12 years. If it’s under well servicing, then it can even last longer; however, it advises to exchange the geysers after every ten years thanks to the calcium deposits.

5. Why is that the Energy Factor important?
EEF stands for Energy Efficiency Factor and is an essential factor because it is employed to define the efficiency of the hot-water heater. The water heaters are marked with this factor, and hence it’s necessary to require a note of it.

6. What’s the standard costing of the water heaters?
Water heaters cause about 15% of the electricity bill during winters, so it should have carefully opted, and it’s better to travel for an energy-efficient hot-water heater. Nowadays, it’s readily available within the sort of star rated, and typically, five star rated appliances are the first energy-efficient.

7. How to realize AO Smith Water Heaters?
AO Smith Water Heaters are new the market, and hence there’s very less information about them, so if you would like to understand intimately about these water heaters, you ought to visit their website which is hotwater.com, and from there you’ll select the country they need to provide the toll-free number which you’ll use to contact them.

8. Which can be the most straightforward brand for after-sales services?
Most of the brands like AO Smith, Bajaj, Crompton, Havells, etc. provide the after-sales services in order that just in case there’s a problem, the manufacturing defects are often taken care of or even the compressor, etc. It helps at the end of the day and should consider before buying an appliance.

9. Why does the water smell like burnt plastic for the 1st time?
Do not worry about the smell; it happens when the plastic coat inside gets heated for the first time the smell goes away after the second or third usage, but if it persists, you ought to contact the service center.

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